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We want nothing but the best for our customers, wherever they might be situated across the globe. Here at African Leather city, we want to care for our customers’ demands instantly and effectively. Therefore, our utmost priority is providing you high-quality products because we understand how shipping costs for international customers are higher. Hence, before confirmation of your order, we strongly recommend getting in touch with our 24/7 active service team regarding the size, color, product, and other order details. If you are one of our international customers something might be slightly different. A return would incur heavy duty charges and freight charges which we will not be responsible for. However, if in any case you do not receive your shipment, we will credit the order and freight charges. But you can contact our customer service team for inquiry regarding any further issues.

Mentioned below are a few conditions that must be followed, to be eligible for the return/exchange of any purchased item from

● Within the first 30 days of delivery all products can be returned and exchanged with a complete refund or exchange.

● Within the initial 72 hours of return of your parcel, our team does a complete inspection and checks for the issues you have stated. After which your exchange has been confirmed and processed. It takes around 15 business days for the exchange parcel to be delivered to your doorstep.

● For refunds to be carried out the item should not be worn, damaged, and all tags intact of the original item which has been returned within 30 days of the date of delivery. However, if there is any tampering with the item or tags are missing the exchange and refund policy is null and void.

● Refunds of the returned product will be transferred to the same method of payment. There is no option of changing the payment option.

● If your return has been processed, in case of a refund of the item, you will receive an email of confirmation. It is issued within 7 business days of arriving back.

● Disclaimer: Handling cost and return shipping are non – refundable on return of an item.

● The step of exchanging the item bought is done by placing a new order while returning the original item for a refund.

● A full refund will be provided on the return of a damaged or defected item or one can proceed towards the replacement within the 7 days after the day of delivery. For any questions and queries, you can contact our support team who will guide you the best way to proceed with your problem.

Note: Reimbursement of any local taxes and duties by the government is not our responsibility.

● The expense of shipping back the item is on you in case you do want to request for an exchange of your purchase and return.

● In the case of defective or damaged items being shipped from our end, we will incur all costs to ship the replacement to you. However, you have to be mindful of the 7 – business day policy. You have to contact us within the time-frame of 7 – business days of the issued receipt of your item.

Note: The 7 day window is crucial because if we are not contacted within the time, we will not be able to ship a replacement for you. Moreover, here at African Leather City, we are not responsible for the misplacement of returned packages during shipment. So, our advice would be to keep your receipt with the return tracking numbers of your delivered parcel to us.

● Refund and exchange of custom orders, designs, and sizes will not be catered here. Note these designs have been created specially for you keeping your aesthetic in mind, and the sizes you have provided after consulting our chart. Thus, it has been custom tailored and designed for your liking which makes it unlikely for anyone else to buy it. The embellishments, print, fabric, etc everything of your liking.

● The return shipping costs will be covered by the customer.

● In case of requesting for an exchange, a cooperative behavior with our customer support team will be highly appreciated regarding your body measurements. We want nothing but the best for you. Hence, the better understanding between the two parties communicating the more swiftly the order can be dispatched to you.

● On cancellation there will be cancellation charges incurred depending on the number of days. A 10 % is deducted from the price of the item if the cancellation has taken place within the first 3 days while a 25 % cancellation if it is within 7 days. However, after the 7 days have passed the customer can not request for a cancellation.

● Before any parcel is returned, you have to inform our customer support team, so they can guide you through the process.

Return Instructions:

Following are the instructions for any return that needs to be placed. Note it should be carried out within the first 30 days of delivery.

● Original packaging of product should be used in returned parcel: This is quite crucial for us to be sure of the use and integrity of the product. Remember the product has to be returned in good condition, any damage will lead to no return. However, if you have received a damaged parcel from our end or during shipping, you can contact the customer support team on how to proceed further.

● Return package address is provided only by customer support executives once your return is approved.

● Please be sure to use a courier service that is insured, as tracing your parcel is convenient.

Also, your parcel should be pre – paid.